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even more origami box dividers by wombat1138 even more origami box dividers by wombat1138
(Holy cow-- why is this suddenly getting so many views/downloads?)

More interior dividers for Tomoko Fuse's standard modular origami box type.

The four dividers on the upper left are the result of my attempts to create one central compartment surrounded by four others. The dark orange one is the only one that's substantially useful wrt the height and stability of the compartment walls. The others are pretty, but the walls are too low to keep things from rolling from one compartment to another when the box is closed and shaken-- with the pink pair, the outer compartments don't even have good structural integrity.

The one at the bottom left is a decorative, flower-like set of perpendicular quarters. It's pretty, but I'm not convinced it's worth the extra trouble compared to the simpler perpendiculat quarterings.

The remaining five boxes show several different types of subdividers that can be put into the basic half/quarter-dividers in my other pic(s):

1.) The bottom center box shows the diagonal quartering of the central compartment from the basic design just above it. This requires a paper square whose footprint is equivalent to a blintzed box-module starting square, if that makes sense. If the paper is very thin, you can try to blintz a same-sized square and use that, but on this scale I find it easier to just start with a square that's already been cut to the right size.

(It's theoretically possible to just insert the regular full-sized perpendicular quarter-divider and fold the outer diagonal half of each quarter either tucked underneath or visibly quasi-petalled upward, but its height is noticeably taller. The diagonal quarter-divider from a blintz-sized square, as shown, is a much closer match.)

2.) On the far center right, the perpendicular quarters have two slightly different types of diagonal half-dividers-- one of them (2a) has a narrow center trough that's holding the coin upright, but the subdivider only rises to half of the full compartment height; the other one (2b) comes up to full height and is troughless. Each of these is made from a separate quarter-square.

3a.) The box on the upper right shows a plain (troughless) diagonal half-divider, plus a single sub-insert that splits one half into two quarters. The sub-insert is folded from a separate half-rectangle; this combination is not a terribly efficient design, considering that the same effect can be produced from a single sheet of paper all at once, but it was part of the evolution of the next one.

3b.) The box on the lower right shows a slight variant for use in the diagonal half-divider with a trough-- in this case, I've stuffed some beads into the center trough to open it up, and the inner end of the subdivider wall has been slightly modified to accommodate the trough's expansion.

4.) The blue box has diagonal quarters, one of which has a subdivider that's analogous to 2a-- half-height, with a central trough (again holding a coin upright). This was also folded from a half-rectangle; there's also a very simple troughless full-height version that I forgot to make a sample of.

The subdivider mini-troughs have limited usefulness on this scale except for small disc-like items such as coins or earring hoops.
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SharpySplash Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009
These are pretty cool. I go on little origami binges all the time. I made a giant star box from bristle board to hold all of my little creations in lol. Do you have any tutorials posted? I'm going to go check. ~<3
wombat1138 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
I don't have any tutorials posted as such, just some instruction descriptions (w/o pix) for some of the dividers in the comments at [link] , and a partial set of instructions for the "windowpane" boxtop modules at [link] .
misticloudz Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
these are incredibly cool. How long does it take you?
wombat1138 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
I haven't timed myself on the dividers, but when I'm on a box-making binge (usually while watching DVDs or reading etc.), each box takes ~10-15 minutes total: fish through paper stash for an appropriate color/pattern set of eight squares, fold the individual modules (four each for top/bottom), and assemble together.
misticloudz Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
that's pretty quick :D
My sister goes on tiny crane binges.. she used to make them at work while she was on the phones, and was well over 1200 cranes in when she stopped to count them all... we had strings and strings of cranes hanging on the walls, it was awesome :D
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